5 Ways Rideshares are More Convenient

Rideshares are More Convenient

Whether you’re headed out for a night on the town, or just looking to get to the airport on time, rideshare options have never been more convenient. Have you tried our totalride app yet? Read our list of 5 reasons why rideshares rock, then book your first ride today!

1. Forget Busy Signals

Using a rideshare app like totalride means that you can quickly book a ride with a few taps of your finger. Forget waiting on the phone during busy event season; just download, click, and you’ll be on your way!

2. More Choice

If you’re a savvy shopper, chances are that you like to have a lot of options before you make your purchase. Ridesharing apps allow you to do just that. Choose from your usual cab company, or try something new with a ridesharing app! It’s a cool way to participate in a new “social economy,” and it will expand your transportation options quickly and easily.

3. Community Support Made Simple

Many ridesharing apps, like totalride, are powered by real people in the Phoenix community who are looking to share their ride, and earn a little extra cash doing so. Using a rideshare app is the most convenient way we can think of to help put a little jingle in your neighbor’s pocket, while getting where you want to go in a hurry!

4. Sit on Both Sides of the Wheel

Curious about how ride sharing works? Looking for a quick, convenient way to earn some extra income? Contact us today to become a driver, and enjoy the benefits of totalride, no matter what seat you’re sitting in.

5. Save on Car Costs for Your Crew

If you and your family are a 2 or more car household, ridesharing apps can actually help you cut down on your car costs, and maybe even downgrade to a single vehicle. Think of the money you’ll save on gas, tolls, insurance, and maintenance, and start saving for a vacation, or just a rainy day, today!

For more information, or to book your ride today, download our app on itunes or Google Play and start feeling the benefits of convenient ridesharing yourself!