The Total Transit Foundation

Giving Back to the Community

Total Transit was founded in 1984 with the idea of creating a company that was both genuine and motivated by more than just financial goals. To that end, along with the goal of creating a holistically successful business, Total Transit promotes and adheres to the following core principles:

Core Principles

  • We act with courage and integrity
  • We champion safety
  • We value people
  • We embrace change and innovate to win

To organize the company’s many philanthropic efforts, the Total Transit Foundation was created in 2009; a 501(C)(3) non-profit designed to donate and contribute to a variety of causes and charities that align with the overall goal of helping the less fortunate. Annually, the company contributes a portion of its net income to fund the foundation each year with plans to increase these contributions over time.

Total Transit’s charitable contributions are not limited to the corporate level. To augment the foundation’s activities, leaders and managers throughout the company are tasked with building relationships and partnerships with organizations and charities in each of the communities we serve. This process helps to ensure Total Transit is building community and charitable giving into the very fabric of its culture.

Our Internal Initiatives

Internally, the Total Transit Foundation offers incentives and programs to its employees to promote both giving back to the community and programs that supply the resources people need to help themselves.

Employee-of-the-Month Donation

Each month, Total Transit selects an employee-of-the-month who exemplifies the company’s core principles. Aligned with the company’s desire to give back, Total Transit donates $500 to the charity of choice for each employee-of-the-month.

Matching Gifts Program

The Total Transit Foundation’s matching gift program is designed to encourage Total Transit employees to support U.S. based nonprofit organizations. The program offers a way to combine personal contributions with Total Transit Foundation’s gifts, thereby contributing substantially to organizations of particular interest. All full-time employees, salaried and hourly, are eligible to participate.

Scholarship Program

The Total Transit Foundation offers a scholarship program designed to assist students with attending college and furthering their education. Scholarship applications are available to the children and grandchildren of employees and driver contractors of Total Transit and its affiliated companies. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, demonstrated leadership potential and financial need. Recipients receive $10,000 ($2,500 renewable up to four years) in financial aid for tuition expenses at a college or university.

Our Community Initiatives

The Total Transit Foundation also works directly with various community organizations and campaigns throughout the year. The foundation works to support the community for which it serves, whether directly with transportation services or indirectly by supporting organizations that work to help the disadvantaged help themselves.