totalride has developed a culture that is based on safety, sustainability and superior value.


Safety/DPS Clearance

totalride‘s vehicle and driver standards are among the strictest in the nation.

At totalride, safety truly is our number one priority. Our proactive safety measures go well above and beyond the transportation industry standards, as well as those required by law. From our safe vehicles to our safe drivers, you and your passengers can rest assured with totalride.

Every vehicle in our fleet is clean and maintained to the highest level. All drivers must comply with a drug and alcohol testing program, pass a federal and state sex offender registry check, have no DUIs and complete a training course that includes classroom and sensitivity training.

totalride is able to cater to the needs of passengers with specials needs or requests. With certified drivers that provide mobility and wheelchair-accommodating transportation, we can ensure both the safety and comfort of our passengers with disabilities. totalride‘s ADA certification, training and safety standards allow us to excel in serving every client and every passenger.

totalride has industry low accident-to-trip ratios, and even lower at-fault ratios. Our commitment to safety is one reason totalride is a leader in the transportation industry.


At totalride, we strive to be sustainable throughout all facets of our business. From our fleet of eco-friendly vehicles to solar panels installed at our Corporate Headquarters, we have become an industry leader in green innovation.

As a result of our many green programs and practices, we were selected as one of the “Green Pioneers for 2010” by the Phoenix Business Journal. In 2011, Discount Cab, our on-demand taxi company, was recognized with the “Blue Sky Award” at Valley Metro’s Annual “Champions for Clean Air” Campaign Awards.

In 2010, totalride took its sustainable practices to the next level by installing a 400-panel rooftop solar energy system at our headquarters. This facility upgrade saves tens of thousands of dollars on electricity and is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 377 tons per year. The totalride headquarters incorporates energy efficient building techniques such as walls with an R-52 insulation rating, high SEER air conditioning units and energy efficient lighting systems to further bolster the company’s sustainability efforts.

As green innovation leaders in the transportation industry, totalride hopes that others will follow our lead by incorporating sustainable practices in their businesses.

Superior Value

totalride offers technology that is at the forefront of the transportation service industry, providing superior value to all our clients and passengers. Data from totalride’s systems is managed by a sophisticated storage and data management system that provides over 100 custom management reports. It also provides powerful ad-hoc reporting and data mining capabilities.

In addition, we have designed and developed a separate suite of software applications that fully integrate with many industry-leading commercial software applications. This helps to eliminate cost duplication, improve efficiency and significantly simplify interaction with our customers.

We interface via secure, encrypted FTP for the purpose of daily electronic communication and provide the highest level of HIPAA and HITECH security and compliance for our Managed Care clients.

totalride has made a significant investment in a redundant, co-located data center infrastructure to support all of our technology components. This ensures network stability and provides the highest levels of system up-time and data security available in the industry. These centers utilize high quality hardware and networking equipment, are connected via a 200 MB redundant fiber connection and are equipped with cooling systems and battery- and diesel-powered back-up systems.

Additionally, totalride has a complete “Disaster Recovery and Redundancy Plan” in place. This plan delineates our policies and procedures for business continuity, crisis management and technology disaster recovery, and process-level plans for recovering business critical technology platforms and telecommunications infrastructure.

totalride’s technology investment means, we can provide superior value and service to you and your customers.