Belmont Village Sr. Living

Customer Since: 2015
Industry: assisted living/healthcare/seniors/

Type of Service Offered: totalride offers cabs and wheelchair vans to assist in our over flow transportation needs. They help our residents get to and from important medical appointments and group trips for recreational purposes.

Description of Challenges: totalride has some great friendly drivers.
It is important for Belmont to have reliable services that take care of our residents. Our provider needs to be timely, responsive and friendly/caring to our residents. Their vehicles smell good and are clean and their drivers are also very knowledgeable on the area.

Description of Benefits: We had a wonderful experience, and personal experience when one of the totalride drivers stepped up and helped one of our residents. I left a review of his services and included it here.

“A hospital poorly discharged one of our residents. This resident has dementia and should not have been put in a cab alone. By a miracle the resident was able to remember the first name of our building and he called us and verified she lives there. He drove her here, made sure she was at the correct place and safe. Not only did he do all that, he also expelled extreme patience with her and remained calm and spoke softly. This incident could have gone horribly wrong and the hospital is taking the fall for this. Thank god for Mike!”


Phoenix Dial-A-Ride

Customer Since: 2012 to 2017
Industry: Government (Dial-a-Ride)

Type of Service Offered: Dial-a-Ride (Virtual)

Description of Challenges: In 2011, the Regional Public Transit Authority (RPTA) issued an RFP (Request for Proposal) to provide traditional Dial-a-Ride service for the Northwest Valley. RPTA did not even know they had a challenge – they were willing to accept the status quo. We decided to approach RPTA, proposing using cabs to provide better service with a significant savings. The RPTA was so impressed with our concept they pulled the RFP back and reissued it using our suggestion as a model. Because of this innovative concept, we were awarded this contract and ultimately were awarded the East Valley Dial-a-Ride and the Regional Dial-a-Ride overflow.

Description of Benefits: The traditional Dial-a-Ride is usually operated using both a dedicated fleet and employees, making the cost per transport high. totalride implemented a virtual Dial-a-Ride product that effectively performed this work with a taxi cab fleet utilizing the Independent Contractor driver model. This model allowed the use to flex as needed while passing the savings on to the client. Per the NTD Data in 2012 the taxi operating expense per passenger mile was $7.50. Two years later, 2014, we had reduced the operating expense per passenger mile to $3.71, a 49% reduction. In addition, due to the quality of service, there was a 66% increase in usage for the same period. These results exemplify our commitment to providing a good value while improving service to our clients. TT shone by offering an un-asked-for alternative that was a win/win for us, RPTA and every DAR passenger.


Simon Med Imaging

Customer Since: Year 2008
Industry: (Medical Imaging)

Type of Service Offered: Ambulatory and Non-Emergency Transportation

Description of Challenges: The customer was needing the billing to be sent to them by location, in one invoice and to one address. Previously we had multiple accounts in TES and one account in our Accounting system that rolled up the data on one invoice. The challenge was that the customer was requesting one invoice with multiple location data so they could accurately track their costs by location. We were providing them one invoice with all the data combined for all trips from all locations.

Description of Benefits: The customer is now receiving their billing as they request it for better tracking on their end. We have over 30 accounts in both TES / Ghost that the monthly billing data is now prepared in a fashion that the customer requested so they can easily track their costs to their various locations without doing it manually on their end.