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Exceptional Performance and Innovative Transit Solutions


For more than 30 years, totalride, dba Total Transit, has been delivering exceptional performance and has developed innovative and unique transportation solutions for our customers. We are proud of our mobility enabling and eco-friendly transportation offerings that have lowered costs and improved the transportation experience for our transit and paratransit passengers.

According to the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), the average cost of providing an ADA paratransit trip in 2010 was $29.30, since then the cost has continued to rise significantly.

Under the Public Transit Umbrella

Independent Paratransit Network

Total Response Brand, Providing:

Total Network (DAR/Demand Response)

Total Solutions (Tailored Programs)

Total Support (Call Center Operations)

Total Care (Quality Control)

Our Independent Paratransit Network (IPN) Program was introduced more than five years ago as the demand for more reliable and cost conscious transport services grew. We now provide on-demand transportation services for ADA members in several regional areas in the southwest. totalride has unlocked the key to utilizing customer focused, high quality on-demand fleets to serve the needs of the ADA community, and is able to do so at much lower costs, higher passenger per hour performance, consistently high on-time performance and stellar customer satisfaction ratings. totalride is aligning with the needs of the transit industry to introduce more cost effective innovations to the paratransit industry that actually improves service quality and customer satisfaction.

Fixed Route Transit Services, Providing:

Bus Maintenance
Driver recruitment & training
Dispatch operations
Full Service Management programs

totalride, dba Total Transit, works with Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) to manage fixed, express and circulator routes. For this service, RTAs communicate their transportation needs to us and we handle the rest, relieving RTAs of the responsibility of vehicle ownership and maintenance, management and support staff by providing complete fixed route services and complimentary operational support needed to effectively deliver platinum level service on a daily basis. totalride also provides customizable shuttle transportation for one-time or short-term needs.

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