What Our Core Principles Mean To You

Here at totalride, we believe in taking the high road in all that we do. For example, our parent company, Total Transit, has six essential core principles that our entire totalride team embraces. Emphasizing these values positively impacts our drivers and every passenger we transport.

  1. Be Safe. The safety of our drivers and passengers is our number one priority. We make certain that all of our drivers undergo stringent background checks, have good driving records, and receive top-notch training before hitting the road.
  2. Embrace Change. totalride does more than simply follow the lead of other rideshare companies. Our innovative team strives to lead the bandwagon with convenient technology like our Smartphone App and by partnering with local hotels to streamline your experience.
  3. Have Courage. We don’t believe in backing down from any challenge. In fact, here at totalride we embrace challenges along with change to find new ways to make sure your ride is a positive aspect of your day.
  4. Act With Integrity. Our courteous drivers can always be trusted to act with the greatest integrity. We are wholly committed to providing you with the best rideshare service every time you choose totalride.
  5. Value People. We value our drivers just as much as we do each and every passenger. People are the root of our business, and we tend to every individual with care to ensure they can sit back and enjoy the ride.
  6. Execute to Win. We strive to be your rideshare option of choice for all of your traveling needs. We go the extra mile to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

Don’t Want to Drive? Call totalride!

If you’re looking for the best rideshare service in the greater Valley, look no further than totalride. Our solid core values are sure to provide you with a feeling of comfort and security every time you take a ride with us.