Why Haven’t You Tried Ridesharing Yet?

Ridesharing is taking the country—and the world—by storm. More and more people are using ridesharing services for work, play, and convenience. But we know that not everyone has been ready to give ridesharing a try. If you’re still undecided, we are here to tell you that ridesharing is not only a great way to go, but it’s a mode of transportation that has been tried and true for many, many years.

A Little History

Ridesharing has been around since the fuel shortage during WWII. And it came back in popularity with the oil and energy crises in the 1970s. In recent years, the ridesharing movement has made a resurgence as modern technology and eco-friendly trends have become more and more a part of the way we live.

Use totalride For Everyday Life

Our convenient rideshare service in Phoenix is good for more than just nights out on the town. For example, if you’re attending a high-volume event like a concert or sporting event, ridesharing is the best way to make a quick entrance and exit. Need to run everyday errands, get to work, or go to school? Or, perhaps you need to get to essential doctor’s appointments and cannot drive yourself. Whatever the reason, ridesharing with totalride can make your life that much easier.


Why Not Give totalride A Try?

At totalride, we’re ready to become your number one source for all of your transportation needs. Using our service is so easy and so affordable. Just download our convenient totalride smartphone app to ensure that you get a ride as quickly as possible when you need one. You can use the app to pay online, and even choose to book later, so we’ll be at your service when you need us to be.

What are you waiting for? Getting where you need to go, when you want to go, is just a download away!